Oris Calibre Movement and Spare Parts

Here you can find the list of calibres manufactured by Oris.

Please click on the calibre number to view more details about the movement and spares available

Please reach out to me by email if you are unable to find the info about any specific calibre.

Calibre #Calibre #Calibre #
Oris 132Oris 371Oris 531
Oris 133Oris 372Oris 531 PC
Oris 134Oris 373Oris 542
Oris 180Oris 380Oris 560
Oris 181Oris 391Oris 561
Oris 182Oris 392Oris 562
Oris 183Oris 394Oris 563
Oris 184Oris 410Oris 564
Oris 185Oris 420Oris 581
Oris 186Oris 421Oris 582
Oris 187Oris 430Oris 583
Oris 188Oris 431Oris 586
Oris 189Oris 432Oris 587
Oris 190Oris 433Oris 590
Oris 191Oris 434Oris 601
Oris 200Oris 435Oris 605
Oris 201Oris 436Oris 611
Oris 203Oris 437Oris 612
Oris 204Oris 440Oris 630
Oris 210Oris 442Oris 632
Oris 211Oris 450Oris 635
Oris 212Oris 451Oris 640
Oris 213Oris 452Oris 645
Oris 230Oris 453Oris 648
Oris 231Oris 454Oris 652
Oris 233Oris 456Oris 654
Oris 234Oris 457Oris 671
Oris 235Oris 458Oris 672
Oris 259Oris 461Oris 676
Oris 260Oris 462Oris 677
Oris 261Oris 463Oris 692
Oris 263Oris 464Oris 695
Oris 280Oris 465Oris 701
Oris 290Oris 466Oris 702
Oris 291Oris 467Oris 704
Oris 292Oris 470Oris 705
Oris 293Oris 471Oris 712
Oris 295Oris 480Oris 715
Oris 296Oris 482Oris 718
Oris 310Oris 484Oris
Oris 311Oris 491Oris 725
Oris 331Oris 492Oris 731
Oris 340Oris 520Oris 732
Oris 361Oris 521Oris 735
Oris 362Oris 522Oris 740
Oris 800Oris 802Oris 742